Are you ready to connect with your sexual energy as your healing force
and awaken your innate power through shamanic rituals?

Then join me for this magical retreat in the Sacred Valley in Peru. It’s time to empower your life by activating these sacred forces inside you. This is a journey of initiation! A journey that will allow you to fully embody your Spirit and become the channel you are meant to be.

Join me in Peru to reconnect, deepen and remember the sacredness of your Sexual Spiritual Being. Reactivate your innate power by connecting with Nature and shamanic rituals.

This retreat will change your Life!

Nature is your primal force. When you connect with Mother Earth and all her elements, you simultaneously activate your connection with your own sacred body. This is the gateway to discover your own true rhythm.

Retreat in the heart of The Sacred Valley

As the sun sets behind the beautiful mountain range of the Andes, you leave your comfortable room to join the fire outside. Here you gather in a circle of women – recognising that nobody is more or less, recognising that we gather here to equally share our light and wisdom.

Guarded by the brilliant starry sky, we honour the fire as sacred as it has been done since the beginning of time. Through ritual, prayer and song you integrate the profound revelations and insights you received that day.

Hugged by a powerful warm feminine energy, you feel safe in this circle. Safe to listen, safe to be heard, safe to share in the same transparency as the women around you do.

It is here, in the Sacred Valley of Peru, that you discover the true healing power of your sexuality and your innate connection to shamanism and ritual.

Ahh… how powerful true softness can be…

The Sacred Valley in Peru is the perfect place spend 11 days in a circle of women

To release and heal all that has been preventing you from connecting to your sexual healing force. To allow the caterpillar to transform into a magnificent butterfly that is ready to fly, spread its wings, and be honoured for its beauty.

The Sacred Valley of Peru is a high energy place in the Andean mountains where the Inca’s used to reside. It is called the “sacred” valley because there are countless of sacred sites to be found – both natural as well as ruins from old Incan temples.

I am sure you can imagine what this long history of prayer and ritual has done to the Sacred Valley. It is simply charged with tangible high frequencies that assist in deep healing proceses.

The mountains in the sacred valley are known as “Apu’s”, which can be translated to “Luminous Beings”. They are acknowledged as sacred spirits, with each their own identity and unique energy.

So why should you join?

In order for a woman to open, she needs to feel safe and loved. This is how your body responds while making love. With that same tantric approach we ensure that you feel safe and loved, in order for you to expand your great inner healing power.

This is the perfect environment for you to finally explore sides of your sexuality you didn’t know existed. And for you to remember that ritual and shamanic tools are ways in order for you to connect to your innate wisdom. No need to fight your own shadows alone. No need to walk the same circle again, unable to progress further and transform into your True Self.

This gathering in Peru is exactly what you have been looking for to finally feel safe in your expansion. To feel encouraged by your soft feminine intuitive self. Embracing your true power and light.

Recognizing the guidance you have been looking for is Inside…

Shamanism is the way to connect to the Divine through the elements.
Rituals are the tools that allow you to become the bridge to connect
to your higher self and receive your deepest inner wisdom.

What to expect?

So what can you expect when you spend 11 days healing and aligning yourself in GAIA’S WOMEN retreat in Peru?

Well, what if you finally connected to your sexual energy as your healing force? What if you finally found yourself in a safe environment, for you to explore your ultimate expansion? So that you can begin to empower your purpose and life.

 What if you could access that sexual healing energy as well as the power of the individual elements upon your request, in order to enliven and enlighten your life?

What if you could invite simple rituals and healing techniques into your life so that you feel more stable in moments of fluctuation and chaos?

I certainly think so!

Together we will focus on

  • Sacred rituals to invoke the power of the elements
  • Elemental work. Using Earth, Fire, Water and Air as allies and tools for daily life
  • Breathing techniques, sound & voice expression
  • Ancestral clearing
  • Yoni & Womb healing
  • Shamanic body de-armouring
  • Touching upon the subtle teachings and vibrations of Tantra & Taoism
  • Dance, movement, therapeutical body release
  • Work on different levels of consciousness: alone, with a partner and group work.

I am here for you – now, then and after the retreat. I am here to listen to your needs, experiences and questions. I will ensure that you feel safe and comfortable – that you feel heard and understood in any situation.

Tell me more!

What’s included?

  • Three organic fresh meals a day. Served with love
  • Our welcome lunch will be on the arrival day on 12 November
  • Our final dinner together will be on 22nd November
  • Comfortable, spacious rooms decorated in traditional Peruvian style. Warm beds with countless blankets to ensure you won’t get cold.
  • Each room is provided with 2 separate beds – you may share with one other woman.
  • All trips to sacred sights, entrance fees and excursions outside the retreat location are included.
  • Coca-leaf reading, sweat lodge, etc…..
  • All transportation during our retreat.

What’s not included

  • Your flight to Peru
  • Retour flight Lima-Cusco
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance
  • Extra spa or massage services outside of the retreat
  • Personal trip to artisan market on free afternoon
  • Laundry

Your Investment €1677 Please go to my registration page to sign up. It is important that you read all terms and conditions, to ensure absolute clarity. After sign up I will send you additional information to help you in all the preparations necessary for the journey in Peru.

Yoga Mandala Retreat Center

Wake up each morning at the base of magestic mountains views, right underneath a beautiful waterfall nestled in the Sacred Valley of the Incas with natural luxure at your door step. Yoga Mandala has been designed to have the least possible impact on the surroundings eco system, maintaining a virtual non polluting exclusive operation. Here you will experience the native cultures (Quechua speaking) outstanding service. Their contributions with love and simplicity help make Yoga Mandala Sacred Valley a unique place to stay in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

The beautiful bio-construction retreat center is surrounded by a variety of flowers, native herbs and water streams of musical background. The seven chakras inspired design bedrooms with private bathrooms will provide you days of harmonization and inner discovery. Their kitchen is a sacred place where food is prepared with ingredients from own garden and organic farm within the area.

Organic Food Straight from the Garden

The service that is provided by Yoga Mandala is all about quality and health. During the retreat you are offered an amazing cuisine that accommodates your individual transformative journey. Locally-grown, fresh and mostly organic produce is provided for. Most of which comes directly out of their own garden – grown with attention and love.

During the retreat we will ensure that the food is easy digestible, mostly vegetarian – this is to assist the energy flow and emotional movements of the work we will be doing. When we are light, we can approach any situation in lightness and invite light for inner clarity.

Personal wishes, needs or desires can be mentioned beforehand. Chicken and fish are served upon request. And any allergies such as lactose or gluten intolerance are taken care of as well.

What You’l Experience

Here are just a few points that give you a holistic view of all that we will be touching upon in this powerful gathering. I promise you: there is a lot more to it!

  • Together we will perform ceremonies with Earth, Air, Fire and Water. For you to connect deeply with each spirit as your ally, and to connect deeply with this powerful element that resides within you.
  • There will be a traditional sweat lodge (Temazcal) for purification.
  • A big ritual for Full Moon – the peak of our gathering.
    To connect with the power of the Moon, the grandmother energy.
  • A traditional Despacho ceremony.
  • Coca leaf reading by a Qero Shaman. Coca leaf reading is a traditional form of receiving clairvoyant insights to assist the progression of your life. Either to resolve an issue or to receive clarity about a particular subject in your life that is unfolding.
  • Cacao ceremony to open your heart infinitely!
  • Visiting several sacred sights, Temple of the Moon, Amuru Muru and Lake Titicaca
  • I ensure you’ll have free time! You can go shopping in the extraordinary handicraft market, or just relax, enjoy and explore on your own behalf.
  • Relaxation in our beautiful garden. Creating space for integration.
  • Breakfast will be in silence, and I may include more moments to activate inner connection with Self to receive your wisdom and stay centred.
  • And much more…!

I welcome you with an open heart

I am a women intimacy coach, body worker and world traveller. My passion is to support the healing and awakening of feminine power and wholeness. To inspire women to live their full potential. I guide from my intuition with purity and authenticity. I assist, clarify and come with practical solutions and guidelines for you to move forward. All wrapped in love, equality and respect.

I have gained a lot of knowledge in the field of personal growth and consciousness development through my own life experience. I have learnt from different traditions and mythologies. Space is one of the most important aspects in my life. Space is what I use as a healing tool for integration, a way of sending unconditional love, and it is that which allows deep transformation to occur.

I am shameless in showing my vulnerability and sharing my raw experiences of transformation with those around me. This is the only way we are able to connect with each other fully. By sharing growth processes, we can find deep recognition and reflection – that which is necessary for our own development.

©[2018] YanuShewa

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