Today’s spiritual world feels fake to me. More and more people are turning into WORKSHOPAHOLICS. They go to workshop after workshop and try to reach higher and higher levels of ascension. In certain circles, being spiritual has become somewhat of a catch-all. This can become another form of escape.

They WANT to be the ‘perfect’ spiritual person. They want to think more abundantly. They want to tap into their spiritual Zen place. They want to feel more self-love and they want to elevate all of their conversations to focus to deeper topics of life purpose and passion. As a result, they feel pressured to be the best version of themselves all the time.

They permanently compare themselves to others. This is quite common in the spiritual community as well. “Why is my journey different from what others experience? Why do other people astral travel or have visions and I don’t? Is something wrong with me?” We all know now that people are mirroring back our own patterns and fears. We know that we have to work through them and transcend them from fear to unconditional love.

That is when the ego starts researching. It wants to find the root cause for this fear to find the one responsible for this experience. Because we WANT to know. The ego always WANTS to know where things come from. Sadly, this all doesn’t work. It doesn’t bring about real abundance, peace, self-love or truly deep conversation.

With spirituality, you can’t fake it until you make it. Faking it or becoming elitist about it is actually spiritual bypass. A spiritual ego is the worst ego of all because you don’t notice it brewing until it erupts from within like a volcano.

Our soul knows that we do not have to spend any energy on researching the past. Our soul just embraces and allows the emotion to run through our system to release it and let it go with gratitude to transmute it. Drop the need to control anything, live in the Now. Have no expectations, trust your own Flow. Know that everything happens perfectly for you.

Remember you are a Spiritual-BEING not a Spiritual-DOING. It is not your destination but your journey that matters.

Life is beautiful, enjoy this magical Ride!

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