A healthy Sisterhood exists to remind you of your brilliance. To show you Who you really are through their reflections, affirmations, and love.

Sisters who will know when you’re holding back, dimming down, or playing small and will encourage you to Rise! Sisters who will not compete with you, feel less than you, or try to dim your light when you Shine! They will celebrate your successes and trust that any twinge of jealousy they feel inside is simply a sign that they are ready to shine too!

It is in Sisterhood that we are pushed (with love, of course) to claim these reflections and affirm for ourselves the radiance that our sisters see in us. So that we can each stand up and believe ourselves when we declare, “I am gifted. I am brilliant. I am talented and wise. I am a leader.”

This reclamation can be a really uncomfortable edge for most of us, as we are forced out of old ways of thinking about and seeing ourselves, and into the unknown territories of new, richer potentials of Being. For too long have women been playing small and safe, to not rock the boat.

What if someone judges me? What if someone is offended by what I’m doing or saying? What if my big presence makes other women uncomfortable and then I’m left alone?

This is old programming, and it is time to leave these convictions behind. You are not a victim. Your shine will not cast a shadow on another woman. Your shine will light up the Heart of another sister and encourage her to shine too in her own Unique and brilliant way. We must break out and expand beyond the walls of our preconceived notions of ourselves, beyond the expectations others have put upon us, and ask ourselves:

“What does my Soul desire to express in this Life?”

It is only when you can stand in your Authentic way of being and unabashedly broadcast that out into the world that you can attract the people and circumstances to you that truly resonate with your Soul. Most likely, if you’re truly speaking and acting from the heart, some people will be offended. Especially if they are also playing small, and not giving themselves permission to express their hearts and souls in the World.

Others probably will judge you. And guess what? They judge you because they are jealous or desire to do the same, but haven’t put together the courage to put their dreams, ideas or voice on the line. When people are offended by what you’re doing, chances are, you’re really onto something important. So keep going. Keep taking risks, following your heart, and riding that edge of discomfort. This is the time to speak your truth and send the message that stirs inside your heart into the world with a mighty ROAR!!!

I challenge each one of You to look at where you judge or feel jealous of others and to see that these qualities and gifts you admire or judge in others are ones that your higher self is asking you to claim. The fear that keeps you playing small, the fear that others will judge or hurt you is the other side of that same coin.

Our world doesn’t need another woman dimming down her radiance for fear of not being liked, or for fear of being punished. Please, sisters!!!

This world needs You and each and every Sister on this planet to stand up, speak out, walk the talk, dance the dance, and live the Life that only you can live.

Sister, it is time for bold and radical Action!

It is time for you to be fearlessly, authentically You.

Much <3 from Bali


With my lovely sis Gretta Adriana

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